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« I need to understand my mind »

« I am forever grateful for Charlotte Riedberger coming into my life a few years ago. My words can’t do justice to how much she has helped me. She is a beacon in my life. By the end of my very first session with her, I knew she was the therapist that could finally help me. In the space of a single hour, I had the impression that she deeply understood my personality and why I was having the problems that I was dealing with at the time (a challenging recovery from addiction, severe anxiety, profound fear of abandonment…). It was like a lightbulb finally going on in my dark and confused mind. I went on to see Charlotte weekly for many months. With me, she did not practice psychoanalysis in the traditional sense (lying on a couch with very little feedback) – something that was not helpful to me with previous therapists – rather we did hours of face-to-face talking, digging into the past events that affected me for my entire life, but Charlotte also used Transactional Analysis, Non-Violent Communication, EMDR and more. Charlotte is also very ‘pedagogical’ so I was able to understand the background theories used in her approach and referenced books for me to read that were so useful in helping me to identify myself. She is also the most empathic person I know. She goes above and beyond what I expected from therapy. I now understand myself and can have compassion with myself. I recommended her to several friends who all went on to say that she changed their lives. More recently I reconnected with Charlotte after having had a baby, facing new challenges. I feel that she knows me deeply and she helps me with all aspect of my life. To summarise, I would say that Charlotte is almost wholly responsible for me coming to understand who I am, why, and how I can live a more serene life. I can’t thank her enough. » Sarah, 35 years old

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